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Environmental Policy

With this Environmental Policy, you, as a user of services that The Service Company is responsible for, are informed about the way in which the company strives to reduce its impact on the environment and ensures that its activities do not harm it.

The Service Company is managed and operated according to a quality system that is based on an international management standard for environmental management, and the standard is applied as a reference for the development of the company and its products, going forward and permanently. In this way, the infrastructure, systems and processes of The Service Company, as well as of all the brands that the company puts on the market, will be as much as possible in accordance with the requirements:

  • ISO 14001 on Environmental Management

The Service Company's Environmental Policy entails:

  • Minimizing our own environmental footprint.

  • Reducing waste and promoting recycling and reuse.

  • Promoting environmental awareness among employees.

  • Using resources efficiently and responsibly.

  • Considering environmental impact in decision-making processes and continuously improving performance in environmental matters.

  • Collaborating with stakeholders on environmental issues and promoting environmental awareness within the supply chain.

  • Complying with all laws and regulations in all aspects of The Service Company's activities.

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