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Service Policy

With this Service Policy, you, as a user of a service that The Service Company is responsible for, are informed about the way in which it is ensured that your experience as a user will be good.

The Service Company is managed and operated according to a quality system that is based on an international management standard for service management, and the standard is applied as a reference for the development of the company and its products, going forward and permanently. In this way, the infrastructure, systems and processes of The Service Company, as well as of all the brands that the company puts on the market, will be as much as possible in accordance with the requirements of:

  • ISO 20000 on Service Management

The Service Company's Service Policy entails:

  • Always putting the customer first.

  • Tailoring service solutions to customer needs.

  • Designing fast and efficient service processes that provide a safe experience.

  • Treating complaints as a gift and opportunity for improvement.

  • Maintaining rich and transparent communication with customers.

  • Complying with all laws and regulations in all aspects of The Service Company's activities.

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